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Monday, February 1, 2010

His secret LOVE signals...

When he’s watching TV

This could be a real giveaway because his concentration is on TV, not on what his body is doing. If,without thinking, he interlinks his fingers with yours, he’s subconsciously saying that he want to be emotionally interconnected wih you. Better still if he takes your hand and pulls it close to him – it’s a protective games.

When he’s with friends

Meeting each other’s friends is a great test of his feelings. Putting his arm around your waist mean’s he’s telling the lads, “She’s all mine”, but if he places it around your shoulder it shows a deep desire to take care of you. And a clear indicator that he wants you in his life is if he sits close enough for you hips to be touching.

When you go back to his

Although it may be slightly off-putting that his bedroom is a mess, it actually shows two things : firstly, that he’s a genuine guy who’s not playing games and, secondly, that he’s comfortable being around you.

When you’re out to diner

Check out his eating habits say about his feelings. If he starts moving plates and glasses around, it’s a sign he’s breaking down the barries between you. Also, when a man fancies you, blood rushes to certain parts of his body (I know what you are thinking but no, no just that one), including his lips.

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